HOST1FREE Easter – Win Premium VPS LVL2 for 1 Year!


Is your friend, bro or colleague a tech blogger? Don’t wait and recommend a talented tech writer for our HOST1FREE guest blogger’s position and win our Premium VPS (Level 2) for 1 year!
Send your recommended person’s contact to (note: you must have their consent to be recommended) and wait for the 1st of May when we announce the winner and congratulate our new guest blogger!


To the Rescue: HOST1PLUS Will Sponsor the Chakra Project


Chakra Project Logo
Developers and administrators, working with or insterested in Chakra, a Linux distribution focused on KDE and Qt technologies and based on free and open source software, have seen a worrying ‘Server Down’ error when trying to reach their original website for the past week. Meanwhile, the Chakra team is doing their best to resolve the situation and guide their visitors to, which will eventually serve as a replacement website for the no longer available HOST1PLUS contributes to the successful growth of the project by hosting the new website and making sure it’s accessible in the future no less than 99,99% of the time.
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How cPanel Hosting Works


cPanel Logo
Since 2001, cPanel has been a trendy option and it almost fulfills most of the requirements of hosting market with its easy to use graphical interface. To put it simply, cPanel is the right choice for you if you have only one domain to be hosted. Read the rest of this entry »


Facts and Myths About Cloud Servers


Cloud Hosting
There is so much hype about cloud nowadays, you hear the word everywhere regardless of the kind of technology you may encounter. Not going into deeper analysis whether you need a cloud hosting solution or not, this article aims to discuss the four common myths about cloud servers. Read the rest of this entry »


WordPress Cloud Hosting – Why Is It Useful?


WordPress Cloud
Most of us are familiar with WordPress, the popular CMS/blogging platform. It’s amongst the platforms that are widely used around the world for creating websites and blogs. Main reason for which WordPress is very famous is that it highly customizable and the user has a lot of control over it.
WordPress allows you to easily code and customize pages according to your needs. WordPress features allow you to add blog posts, approve/remove comments as well as install different plugins. It’s easy to get started with WordPress for both professionals and beginners.
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