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By Lukas Ritter
VPSIf you are an advanced IT guy or gal, or have always wanted to start your own business, server, or learn some advanced techniques – the world of IT awaits. IT nowadays is one of the most advanced fields, in which everyone from young guy with a gaming server to a young businessman with an advanced internet shop can gain experience, contacts, reputation and of course money. The problem here is that every idea needs a foundation on which it could be built, and here we have the VPS server.
A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a perfect ground to setup an IT project of any kind, it offers your own dedicated computer away from home, and you do not need to worry about electricity, taxes or hardware maintenance of any sort. Nowadays we have a lot of services and providers to choose from, and I wanted to explain why you should go Premium and Paid right away.

What is a node, why should I care if it’s a premium one?

In short, a node is a hub of VPS servers. It is your provider’s physical server, on which your VPS exists. And what is the difference between a paid and free VPS you ask? Why should I spend my money?
CPU: Say the server has a 5 GHZ CPU (to simplify, let’s imagine that it’s a single core) and let’s take the hosting of my choice, Host1Plus, as our service provider. On a non-premium node, there will be around 700-800 users on a slower 5 GHZ server, think about it – each one will get around 0,000625 GHZ only, that’s microscopic! And so, you are constantly fighting for scraps of food, which don’t exist in such a service. It might be fine for a test, but in the long run? Neither your visitors, nor you will be happy. That’s why Host1Plus encourages users to try and test, and then if they like what they see, upgrade to premium. On a Host1Plus premium node, there are only 40-50 users per node, as the company likes to give its Premium customers breathing space, and so, you can count the difference for yourself.
RAM: We need to talk about SWAP and RAM here, both of these are a highway for your processes, and so, in the premium service of H1P, even with the minimum plan you get 512MB of SWAP (on a nice, shiny SSD) and 256MB of RAM, there as in a free one, you get 128MB or less. Since I constantly had problems with my processes running out of memory and crashing, a simple upgrade helped me out in a big way. My processes were able to cache themselves properly, and use that space to quickly work, and not cause any delay for me, or my visitors.
Network: Who wants to wait all day for things to load? Premium VPS means minimum latency and Network Speeds from 15 to 30 Mbps, also these premium nodes are on priority in the Datacenter, and so they will always get your shiny packets faster out.

What is CPU priority, how to know if my service will not lag?

Adding to the CPU issue we talked about before, not all users are sharing this food equally, premium services give users a larger priority depending on their plan.
What is this priority? It’s a rating at which will you have access to the computing power of the server. And so on a paid service it increases greatly with each upgrade in your service’s level. Add that on top of the CPU count which goes up, and you have yourself a powerful platform to work on. And so, even if you are running a high-end gaming server, it will work without an issue, and once you start going into the big leagues, providers like Host1Plus can offer you Dedicated Servers with RAID configurations, insane CPUs and other configurations, which will help you out to stay ahead.

Stability, support, freedom and all around help for your project!

Up-time, stability and quick support are one of the most crucial areas when having a server. You do not have time to worry about something not working.
That’s why when you are using a free service, you go to onto some forum and except for quick support, and you cannot count on that. Whereas with a paid service, you actually have a support system, a phone number, and people who get paid from your service, are more than happy to help you. Also, you can order special services, so that your server is constantly monitored, like the company’s own, and if something happens, they will know first hand.
Freedom – Free and Paid services have different Terms of Service. You can have much more freedom in the paid services, have various types of services and programs, even various types of remote connection and VPNs. Of course, it is not like you will be able to ruin everyone nice time and no one will take notice, but you will not have to wake up and worry about seeing a suspension notification with no warning whatsoever.

My conclusion:

To me the feeling that my files, server and everything I invested my time and money into is safe and secure is one of the most crucial things. On top of that add performance, that will not make an individual break its keyboard in half, but be happy, good network performance and great support, and you can choose a premium host service and be happy with it. I chose Host1Plus, to be honest, I like that this company always tries to please, collects feedback and tries to work on that, and improve every time. In every field, performance, network and support, they are always great, and help out everyone in their need. That is why you should stop being a cheapskate and grab a paid VPS service!

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