How cPanel Hosting Works


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Since 2001, cPanel has been a trendy option and it almost fulfills most of the requirements of hosting market with its easy to use graphical interface. To put it simply, cPanel is the right choice for you if you have only one domain to be hosted. 

How Does It Work?

cPanel offers a GUI based access to manage the website. The interface controls all the operations that are needed to manage a website. Some of the main operations are:
• Database Management
• File Management
• Email Accounts Management
• Security Management
• DNS Management
• Monitoring Website Stats
cPanel Incorporation owns the proprietary of cPanel and they give its license to hosting providers, educational institutions and other organizations. After getting the license, organizations can install and use it.
cPanel supports the RPM based Linux distributors like CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD, Red Hat, SUSE and Mandriva.
Normally, cPanel is accessed using the ports 2083 and 2082. Its authentication can be done in two ways, one is via HTTP and another – via web based login page.


More Than One Login Location
There is always a need of a separate login for using the billing, technical support and domain GUI. These are other than cPanel login details that have been given to you already by your hosting provider. At times, depending on a platform for billing transactions used by cPanel hosting provider, eager clients may have to maintain around 2 more login locations, i.e. one for domain/invoicing administration platform, the other for ticket support user interface.
Over 120 cPanel Hosting Sections to Which One Has to Become Familiar
cPanel provides you with over 120 sections available in the control panel of the hosting account. You need to know about each of these sections usually, but you can understand these really quickly.
Automation of System Administration Processes
It also enables the software engineers/developers to automate the usual system administration processes with the help of its API based access. Moreover, it offers the command line access to perform operations.

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