5 Advices for Startup Co-Founders


Startups are everywhere, but majority of them are associated with the online business. If you have a great idea and intend to create a startup, please read our set of advices (along with other types of advices regarding the starting business).

Advice 1. Do not worry about the technical staff member. If you can set a blog by yourself, you will be able to start your business yourself. Instead of 3 months of programmer search, you should be focusing on spreading your idea and participating in the startuper community events to raise some funds. Read the rest of this entry »

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Do Not Keep Your Domains Idle


The domain name is a property just like all other types of property including real estate, car, land, savings. The property must be cared properly. If you leave your property just like you bought it, it’s value will decrease with the time. You probably do not want that.

Domain names are the real property which can be bought and later sold for double, triple, tenfold price and even more. It depends how good the domain name is. For example you have noticed that domain realestateguru.com has expired. You bought it as low as $10. What’s next? You do not intend to create your real estate agency, therefore you have some options:

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WebsiteBuilder Or Blog?


Free web hosting account offers some great features for your first website. There are actually two ways of setting the first website. One of them is using the special website building software which allows creating a simple static website just in 15 minutes. The WebsiteBuilder is so simple that it can be used by anyone, even a kid. Another option of setting your first website is the self-made website, made in HTML and uploaded using the web FTP application. This application does not require any additional software and all the files can be uploaded just like regular photo in Facebook. For this you need to understand the HTML or use appropriate website building software. This may be a little complicated for beginner users who do not intend becoming a programmer. The third option is use the special autoinstaller Softaculous which allows installing some open source content management systems. One of them is the most simple content management system called WordPress. It allows creating the website with chosen design.

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Some Tips How to Reduce the Bandwidth


The main problem of free web hosting is not the disk space, but the bandwidth. When it is exceeded, the website may not work for some time and cause some problems. How to avoid such issues at Host1Free.com? Here are some valuable tips for beginning website administrators.

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How do I minimize website costs?


The main thing that keeps our economy going is the profit motive. But how do we increase or maximize our profits? Well, one of the considerable things to do is is to decrease the costs. And today we are going to be looking into the ways how you can minimize your website costs in order to gain more profit.

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