Free Cloud Web Hosting

The cloud hosting is the most advanced hosting technology widely used in international web hosting market. It has nothing to do with the clouds, but it has gained such name after the cloud computing. The internal computer network and the internet was used to depict as few computers connected among each other.

The picture is similar to the cloud illustration, therefore it has been call cloud computing. Later it have gained another explanations. One of them is concerning the physical storage of such computing.

Free Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting has been available for more than 10 years, but still it is not widely used as VPS hosting is quite a great service and customers are used to it. Cloud VPS is a similar service, but the main difference is that the latter one is run from few servers while simple and traditional Virtual Private Server is located in one physical server.

Cloud hosting is considered as expensive Premium hosting service which is few times bigger than shared hosting maximum plans. Anyway it is mostly used for the huge websites and online projects.

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How Cloud Hosting Works

Cloud hosting works in quite a complicated way. There are few servers which are divided into separate nodes. The Cloud hosting plan has few such nodes connected into one. With the special cloud hosting technology and software solutions those nodes are connected and all the information is synchronised. If one server is getting down or attacked, all the information is broadcasted from other nodes in other servers. The cloud hosting is considered a secure way of hosting as all the information is stored in separate remote serves who may have separate backbone connections. This makes them really secure.

Cloud hosting plans usually are quite powerful with huge RAM and CPU. This is only possible when all the nodes CPU and RAM are summoned. Of course the hard disk space is also huge – from 20 to 150 GB. Such amounts are used for huge online websites which require lots of resources.

Cloud hosting is managed by the customer fully as the service is Cloud VPS. Virtual private servers are fully manageable by customer, unless he order the special management services. The only limitation of Cloud VPS is that server operational system cannot be completely removed.

Cloud web hosting can be ordered at our Premium hosting supplier Host1Plus for just $29.95 per month. There is a possibility to have a free cloud hosting as well.

Advantages of Free Cloud Hosting

Free Cloud hosting can be obtained in our Premium web hosting provider Host1Plus. It has all the features of a paid cloud VPS, but they are accessible for a limited time.

The main advantage of the free cloud hosting is that customer can test it out with no obligation. The management can be similar to the free web hosting if DirectAdmin control panel will be installed. However there are some other possibilities to manage the VPS hosting.

Another great advantage is that free cloud hosting service allows using the live support help, therefore lots of questions can be answered by the Customer support managers, who work 24/7.

The disadvantage is that one day the free trial ends.

Advantages of Paid Cloud Hosting

The Premium hosting is a paid hosting. Cloud VPS can be purchased from $29.95 per month. That is not a great price if your website is huge and you have lots of income. The cloud hosting is mainly used for e-shop and all kinds of online tools hosting, therefore 30 dollars may not seem a huge expense.

There are few advantages of Premium cloud hosting. One of them is that support is available 24/7 in English, Russian, German and Lithuanian. UK and US customers can call to toll-free phones for help.

Another advantage is unlimited bandwidth and some other unlimited features such as IPs, domain names and subdomains.

Cloud VPS can be managed as the customer wishes. In the beginning stage of ordering the service, customer may choose one of 70 applications which can be installed to his Cloud hosting.

Multiple locations is also considered as advantage in international markets. We run our cloud VPS from Germany datacenters.

The security is another advantage. The servers are working 99.9% uptime as Host1Plus can guarantee it.

Another great advantage is 90 days money back guaranty which means that all the money for the service can be refunded if customer decides to work with free hosting account instead of Cloud hosting plan.

There are other advantages of Cloud VPS server. Please find more about them from Cloud VPS page at

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