How to set the cronjobs in DirectAdmin?

To set the cronjob for your website processes you need to:
1. Login to DirectAdmin server control panel.
2. Locate the link Cronjobs.
3. Add values accordingly to the instructions given bellow:
Valid cron time values are the numbers indicated and *.
You can specify exact times using commas to separate them. eg: 1,2,3 (minutes 1,2 and 3)
You can specify spans using a dash. eg: 5-7 (minutes 5 to 7)
You can specify intervals using a star and a forward slash. eg: */2 (every 2nd minute)
You can combine them to create a more precise schedule. eg: 1,5,11-15,30-59/2 (minutes 1, 5, 11 to 15 and every 2nd minute between 30 and 59)
Note that there are no spaces

To review or remove your cronjobs you can repeat first 2 steps.