DirectAdmin Hosting

DirectAdmin is an easy way for people to avoid writing code lines, since everything is automated. It uses intuitive and clear control panel with graphic interface. Although, it’s a paid application, HOST1FREE users get it for no cost. Direct admin does all the server management – it installs applications with Softaculous auto-installer, sets the email properties and manages spam filters, what’s more, it manages users and displays server statistics.

The managed features are grouped into three categories:

Your Account where you can manage your domains, watch login statistics, create backups, watch site statistics, manage MySQL database, password protected directories and, of course, change your login data.

E-mail management where you can create and delete email accounts, set auto responders and vacation messages, setup SpamAssassin application, create mailing lists and SMAP filters. This section also contains links to 2 webmail applications – SquirrelMail and RoundCube.

Advanced Features contains some other useful features such as Cronjobs, Apache handlers, Mime Types, Custom error pages creation tool and management, phpMyAdmin application, site redirection, domain pointers and of course the Softaculous Auto Installer which is used for application installation.


How to Use DirectAdmin

Using DirectAdmin is simple. Since everything done using graphical interface, even those, who do not know PHP and MySQL can easily install all needed applications and change the settings of all the features. Here are some frequently asked questions:

  1. 1 How to set the cronjobs in DirectAdmin?
  1. 2. How to add password protected directory in DirectAdmin?
  1. 3. How to create a backup?
  1. 4. How to create MYSQL database in DirectAdmin?
  1. 5. How to log-in to DirectAdmin Control Panel

Premium Direct Admin Hosting

Despite that HOST1FREE users get for free DirectAdmin, there are still some differences between free and premium DirectAdmin services :

Installatron Auto Installer
Mailing Lists
Email forwarders
SSL sertificates
Select PHP version
Professional Spam Filter
Vacation messages
Spam Filters
Apache Handlers
Server Information
Custom Error Pages
Site Redirection
Domain Pointers
Resource Usage
Login Keys
Softaculous Auto Installer