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The domain name is one of the basics of internet. In the nineties of the 20th century the Domain name system (DNS) was developed. In the beginning it has been quite simple as the first domains were used for educational purposes. The first commercial domain was registered in 1985. Later the same year more than 15,000 other domains were registered and the official internet era as we know it began.

Domain name consist of three parts – root domain name, sub-domain and the ending which determines what type the domain is. For example in root domain is host1free, sub-domain is www and the ending is .com which means this domain is generic Top level domain (gTLD).

The main domain types are the following:

  • Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) which ends in .com, .net, .org, .gov, .mil, .int and .edu. They all describes the purpose of the domain. For example .com is for commercial use, .edu is for educational institutions, .gov is for governmental institutions, .mil – military institutions etc.
  • Country code Top Tevel Domains (ccTLD) ends in the abbreviation of the country. The country abbreviations are only 2 letters, not 3 as used in various sports events. .de stands for Germany, .fr – France, .ru – Russia, .in – India etc.
  • Sponsored Top Level Domains (sTLD) ends in abbreviations which are indicating particular businesses or purposes, for example .mobi for mobile sites, .name for personal portfolios, .info for informational resources, .biz for businesses, .xxx for adult websites etc.
  • Internationalized Top Level Domains usually can end in any ending, but the root domain contains some letters which are not Latin ones. This kind of domains allow the domain name to be written in local languages, for example Chinese signs.

The domain names and URL addresses are not the same. The URL address contains of two components – domain name + URI, which is usually after ending, for example in the domain name is and the URI is /free-domain-hosting/.

What is Hosting

Hosting is the synonym of a storage. Website hosting means that you simply store your website in a specific box, which can be opened on the request and the needed file given to someone who requested it. Everything is virtual, so no physical boxes or any file papers are present in all this procedure. Everything is done using bits and baits with lots of true and false computing.

Hosting is usually associated with the images, text files which, actually are the main components of the website. There is one more important component – domain name. Domains can be also hosted using DNS. The small text file usually points the domain to particular server and the index page which may be generic, or user made. Such service is called domain pointer when you associate the domain with your hosting service, but do not host a single file of it.

Hosting is also used for email hosting. That means you can set an email with your own domain name ending and send and receive the messages to the server or third party mailing service. The free hosting also has the email feature if domain is present. Free web hosting is capable of pointing and using 2 domains.

How Domain Hosting Works

In the first place domains are associated with some IP address which is the address of the particular web server. That means that if someone want to see the website, requests the permission to do that from the IP and DNS servers. If the website is not available, the server returns specific error page with short explanation, for example 404 – website not found or 500 – internal server error. If website is available, the requested url is sent to visitors computer.

If the user enters the first level domain, for example without www, the web server checks if there is a redirection to the specific website. Usually first level domain is redirected to subdomain In case such redirect is not made properly, the 404 error page is shown or suggestion to check the same domain with www. The redirects are done in DNS management section of every domain hosting.

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Advantages of Free Domain Hosting

Domain hosting is used mostly with Premium hosting as it offers unlimited domains, subdomains and pointers as well as databases meaning that all the domain names may have a website. This way of domain hosting is used by those who own more than two domains. If a person owns only one domain, there is no need to purchase Premium hosting services in order to host it. Free web hosting is the best option for just hosting a domain.

The main advantage of free domain hosting is that it does not cost you anything. The domain hosting does not use lots of resources, so you can point the domain name and add a single page saying “Under construction” or “This domain is for sale”. The free domain hosting is the best solution if you simply want to sell the empty domain.

Another advantage of Host1Free free domain hosting is the easy domain management where you can easily change the DNS servers, manage A, CNAME, MX records, create subdomains etc. Host1Free uses DirectAdmin control panel which is user friendly and looks professionally.

How to get Started with Free Domain Hosting

Free domain hosting means that free is only the hosting services. Domain names can be transferred from other registrar to the Host1Plus Premium hosting service. Then it can be easily used by changing the DNS records and the domain name information – contact person, tech support contacts, billing adress etc.

What are the steps to get a free domain hosting?

In the first place, please create the free web hosting account. It can be done by adding the domain name you already have, email and password. Validation email is sent immediately (if you do not receive it please check your SPAM box, as it is automated email and anti-spam tools may misinterpret it’s importance and functionality) with short instructions how to proceed.

Once you have verified your account and received a special emails with the details, please login to your service management account. Please find the Domain names section and go there.

If you have a domain name in other registrar, please make sure you are changing the main DNS. domain name servers are the following:

  • (IP:
  • (IP:

If you want to initiate the domain transfer from other registrar to Host1Free you will be able to do this by using the domain transfer tools in Premium web hosting interface.

Once you have changed the DNS servers, the domain should start pointing to your websites in 2-24 hours as it takes time for DNS to update the information.

Congratulations, now you are ready to create a website with your own domain name hosted.

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