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The pricing of the IT services are flexible and regulated by the needs and supply in the market. The same principles can be applied to any market including the web hosting. Let’s face it – the competition is huge, therefore companies should provide some services which are better quality, less in price and have some extras and bonuses. Such conditions allow hosting companies introducing a great service – free web hosting.

What is a free hosting? It is the same shared hosting with the limited features and technical issues. Share hosting is called so because of the structure of the services. The dedicated server is divided into many small pieces which are working like virtual servers. One physical server can have 2 and more shared hosting plans installed. Sharing space with other users is normal practice as Cloud VPS also works the same way. Free hosting is just another type of shared hosting.

Is free hosting absolutely free? Oh yes, it is absolutely free. That means the user can use it free of charge for month, year and even ten years and no additional fees will be asked to pay. This makes free hosting even more attractive for small users.

How Free Hosting Works

In order to understand the advantages and features of free hosting, one should know more about what free hosting offers and understand how hosting business works.

Free hosting at Host1Free has the following features: 2 GB of disk space, 100 GM/month bandwidth, 2 MySQL databases, 5 domain parking option, 5 subdomains, PHP support, 1 FTP account. These requirements are used for a starting business, personal blog and learning how to use one or another open source application such as PrestaShop or Drupal. If the website is mall, light weight and do not have much traffic, Host1Free account is great option. If website is growing and becoming more and more visited, the bandwidth may be overused and the website may have some troubles.

The management of free hosting is similar to Premium hosting management. It uses DirectAdmin control panel which is actually paid one. The price is covered by the Host1Free as a bonus.

Host1Free does not display any ads in the hosted projects. That means, that no pop-ups or special bars are not used to add in the customers’ websites. This may cause an avalanche of questions, what are the ways to monetize free hosting users. The answer is simple. Host1Free believes, that free hosting should be used for all the starting business, freelancers and home workers for free because they need some support. Once their business will grow, the demand for hosting will increase with it. Offering a Premium hosting is the main source of income for servers, technical staff etc. We do not need irritating ads or intrusive emails asking for donations. We will be glad to know that Host1Free was a temporary shelter for some worldwide start ups. When the customers are happy, they usually become loyal customers.

Advantages of Free Hosting

Naturally, there are some disadvantages of free hosting in comparison with Premium hosting, but the price for those disadvantages is free hosting. Sounds like a good deal? Let’s tell people what are advantages of free hosting instead.

The price is the first and the main advantage. We believe, that business can be started for $0. Later, when online business earns some cash, it can cover the Premium hosting expenses. Host1Free provides the free hosting to everyone.

Easy management is the second advantage of Host1Plus. The hosting management is usually done using two ways. One is command line server management, which is done by professional administrators. Another one is graphical control panel which allow easy management of all the services and features. Host1Free uses DirectAdmin control panel which is known for its simplicity and intuitive management. This commercial control panel has been chosen not accidentally. Premium hosting plans are also working with the same control panel, therefore after transition from free to Premium hosting the customer does not feel any disadvantages.

Another great advantage is that free hosting can be used for training. The simple situation. A customer wants to sell his hand works like knitted scarfs, caps, gloves etc. How would he find out which of free e-commerce platforms are the best for a small shop? By trying out 10 of them in reality. He can create a free hosting account and learn, how to install e-commerce platform, add plugins, customize design etc. Later, when the decision is made, he just need sign up for Premium hosting and use the experience there to set up his online shop easily.

Free hosting provides enough space for personal websites such as blogs and portfolios, so why to pay for the server if you do not intend using half of it’s capacities? Of course, some optimization is needed to save the bandwidth, but personal website may not use all of the bandwidth per month. This is a serious advantage of all free hosting services.

Getting Started with Free Hosting

Host1Free free hosting is easy to use. The registration procedure is really simple.

In the first place, click the Sign-up button in the top of the page. You will see the page where we ask for some important details. In the first place, please enter your domain name. If you do not have a domain yet, you will be able to purchase one in Premium hosting site (section “Domains”). Now you should add the desired subdomain as we need to associate the new free hosting account with the specific website. Then add your valid email where we will send all the instructions how to proceed. Enter password and retype it. Also please add the special words as shown in the pictures. This captcha is used to prevent spammers from registering accounts.

Once you will add all the data, you will receive an email with validation link. Click on it and you will be redirected to the account creation page. The account is created instantly. You will get another email with the login details. The login details are provided for DirectAdmin, FTP account, also identifies what website has been created as primary one. Save this email for future references.

Please login using your email and password to the Host1Free service management panel. Here you will see Website Control icon among others. It is the login to DirectAdmin control panel page. Also you will see WebFTP icon which leads to the FTP file manager. WebsiteBuilder is a special software for website creation. Server status shows the server resources used. It should be observed daily.

The management is simple. If you will decide to go Premium, just click Go Premium button. The Host1Free hosting service wishes all the best experience with our hosting. If you have any questions, please ask them in community forum where experienced members can help you with any issues.

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