Free PHP Web Hosting

PHP is a general programming language designed to create dynamic web pages. This programming language has been developed by Danish-Canadian developer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. Once launched it became very popular among developers community, thus contributing a lot to the development of Internet

PHP originally meant Personal Home Page, but now it is also decoded as Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is used for server side Web development and is compatible with all Operational Systems, databases and webservers. It has become a standard website programming language together with HTML, learned by everyone who want to learn programming and building websites. PHP works with Zend network.

What is PHP Hosting

PHP is one of the basic requirements which is needed in order to host any website. It has become one of the standard server specifications which are known as LAMP. L – Linux OS, A – Apache webserver, M – MySQL database and P – PHP programming language. Altogether they are essential for any server work with the websites or any other online applications.
PHP hosting is used in majority of the servers in entire hosting market. This is not an exception in Host1Free and its Premium hosting service provider Host1Plus.

As in all shared hosting plans changing the PHP settings by the customer himself is not allowed and possible. All the needed PHP hosting settings are managed by the Host1Free system administrators. If any questions occur regarding the PHP hosting, please ask them in community forum, where some professional administrators also share their experience.

Advantages of Free PHP Hosting

PHP is Open Source. This means it is readily available and absolutely free! If you are planning to hire PHP developers and they have a good background in C and Java, they will do excellently in PHP. If the truth be spoken, PHP is actually much simpler than the rest and so you can stay assured of fabulous results. Moreover, PHP is a cross-platform and therefore enables operation across various operating systems. It works excellently on LINUX, UNIX and Windows platforms. What’s more, it interfaces effortlessly with Apache/MySQL.

How to Get Started with Free PHP Hosting

In order to get started with PHP hosting you need to register a new account first. This can be done by clicking “Sign-up” button in the top of the page. Please enter all the needed data – your domain information (if you do not have the domain, then choose the general name and sub domain for Host1Free suggested URL). Please select your email. You must provide valid email, because the validation link will be sent to this email address. Later this email will be used for all the password sending together with DNS servers, database names etc.

Once you have added all the details including correct letters and numbers in the captcha field (used to protect from automated robots of registrations used for spamming), you should receive the validation email. Click on it or copy and paste into address bar of your browser. After the email validation you will receive another email with the login details. Please keep this email in case you will forget your password. When you’re finished – login and use the full benefits of free PHP hosting!

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