Joomla Hosting

Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. Joomla is written in PHP, uses object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques, therefore it is highly flexible and can be easily integrated into various big online projects.
The functionality is added by installing the specific plugins.

Joomla has been created as a fork of another famous open source content management system Mambo in 2005.
The name Joomla has derived from a Swahili (South African) word “all together” which was the actual purpose of the new content management system – allow development as an open source software.
Joomla is mostly used for big informational portals, various online tools as well as personal websites or forums.

How Joomla Hosting Works

Joomla content management systems work just like all other PHP based CMS. The main feature is easy installation and management.
PHP based content management system also require some specific server requirements which are basic to all the free hosting – Linux Operational System, Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP programming language (all these features are known as LAMP).
The installation procedures are also quite simple.
The turnkey applications are usually installed with just a few clicks.
No need of FTP transfers and extraction on server – Auto-installer usually does all the work automatically – saves the needed files, selects the required settings and access to folders on server, sets the settings of database, extracts all the files and creates the management rights for administrator.
This is done in seconds, therefore it is so popular in free hosting as well as in Premium hosting, where you get unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth.

Getting Started with Joomla Hosting

Joomla is great to work with since you those command lines are involved not anymore. Everything is done using the graphical interfaces as we all are used to them.
In the first place you should click sign-up button and register a free hosting account. Enter your domain name or sub-domain if you do not have one. Then add your valid email and other details.
The email must be valid as we will send the verification link. Once registration will be submitted we will send the link. Once you will validate your email, we will instantly create your free hosting account and send the login details to the same email.
Once you receive an email, please login to our service panel. You will see the icon “Website management”, so please click it. This is the DirectAdmin login page. Use the other login data, which was sent to the email you have provided.
Once you have logged in you are just two steps from using Joomla hosting. First step is finding Softaculous auto installer among other features. Second step is finding Joomla icon among all the most popular installations and click Install.
Please follow the instructions and just in few moments your Joomla will be installed. Now you can start using the Joomla hosting with all available resources.

Joomla in Free Hosting

Joomla is a free content management system which is available for everyone at absolutely no cost. The website can be created with Joomla just in few minutes, therefore it is cost effective solution.
When free CMS meets free hosting, the satisfaction is guaranteed. However there are a few moments which should be kept in mind:

The bandwidth of free web hosting is limited to 100GB per month, therefore you should optimize the website as much as possible – do not use complicates JavaScript and big images.

Preferably all images and PDF files should be kept in public cloud storage solutions. This will save some resources and Joomla hosting will be more safe from the over use of bandwidth.

Free hosting is used for websites which have small traffic. Also the website should be as light as possible.

Host1Free free hosting is also great way of learning, how the Joomla works before purchasing Premium hosting for just $2.95 per month for unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth plan.
The free hosting and Premium hosting management tools are the same, therefore user will not notice any inconvenience during the transiting from one account to another.

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