Magento Hosting

The e-commerce solutions are developed every year. The last 3 years can be called the years of Magento rush. This open source and free e-commerce system has evolved out of the nowhere and just in three years has become one of the most popular e-commerce systems in the world.

Why it is so popular? Magento is a very flexible solution. It is written in PHP and can be easily modified. Couple of years ago the mobile version has been launched, therefore this application can be managed using any mobile device – smart-phone or tab computer.The current owner Amazon has also made a huge impact to the development of this open source e-commerce platform
The application for iOS equipped devices has boosted its usage even more.

Magento Hosting

Magento has been developed as a fork of another e-commerce system osCommerce and has kept all the best features from the former most popular e-commerce solution what has also contributed its success.
Free edition Magento has some basic features which allow easy product management into different categories, shopping cart integration and payment gateway integration with just a few clicks. It can be easily updated to a commercial edition.
Another useful feature is that users can change the design templates, so the online shop can run without any specific and custom made design and this might be the reason that migh save you a handy amount of money
Magento e-Commerce system is installed easily to the server using the special auto installers. Host1Free offer Softaculous auto installer which can install Magento just in few clicks. No black screens and programming software is needed.
Just enter the main data, generate the password for admin account, login and start uploading your goods to the online shop. However, Magento in free hosting is not recommended for big online shops, because it has free hosting has bandwidth limits.

Advantages of Magento Hosting

Well firstly, and most importantly – it’s FREE.
That is really great news for those new businesses that are just starting in the world of online shopkeeping.
Another great advantage is the ease of using Magento. It is simple and easily understandable for people of all levels of computer knowledge. The easy management means that less time is spent working with the site.
Magento hosting requires little resources. That is great news for free hosting users, who are aware of too small disk space.
Please note that pictures should be edited for the web – decreasing the number of colors can decrease the size of a medium size image without loosing quality.
Magento in free hosting is just a start. Therefore it is a great opportunity to learn e-commerce using free hosting. The testing an e-shop before going to the Premium hosting is a great idea for people who are just starting their own business.

Magento Hosting in Paid Web Hosting

One of the biggest disadvantages of free hosting is the limited bandwidth which actually sets the clear rules for the website. It should be a small and well optimized website with low traffic, otherwise the bandwidth will be overused and there can be some down time. If the simple website can survive even with the downtime, e-commerce solution reputation can be ruined forever. Therefore Premium hosting with unlimited bandwidth is a better option. Especially when the prices are so low. Maxi plan with unlimited bandwidth starts just from $2.95 per month. That is less than a big burger, but one can get a quality international web hosting with some great features:

  • Live support 24/7 in English, German, Russian and Lithuanian via email, live chat, forum and toll free numbers for UK and US customers.
  • 99.9% uptime which is essential feature for the e-commerce website.
  • 90 days money back guaranty which makes the hosting service zero risk.
  • Special security add-ons for e-commerce projects – SSL certificates for extra price.

Premium Magento hosting is used by most of Magento e-shop owners, so why making an exception?

Host1Plus Premium hosting management is same as in free hosting – using Direct admin control panel, so the users can test all the features in free hosting and later transfer to a Premium hosting.

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