Premium Web Hosting

Free hosting has lots of features, however limits apply. In order to benefit from all web hosting possibilities, premium web hosting is needed.

Premium web hosting is so called shared hosting – the most popular type of the web hosting in the world, used by millions of people to host their blogs, websites, email and other online projects. Host1Plus is an international premium hosting provider with great services and hosting plans. As you may already know Host1Free is a free hosting service run by the Host1Plus.

Premium web hosting is based on the sharing resources of the server with other users. Host1Plus has teamed with the best and most reliable data centers in the world to present the best premium hosting services to all the kinds of customers. No matter, if big or small online projects need a shelter, Host1Plus is always ready to provide it.

Premium web hosting services are used to host small, medium and big size online projects – websites, communities, forums, blogs, e-commerce solutions, intranets, accounting applications, CRM, content management systems, galleries, video sites, project management applications, email applications and many others. Even online and mobile social networks can be hosted using premium web hosting.

Features of Premium Web Hosting

The main features of Premium web hosting are:

  • Unlimited bandwidth. This is a very important feature for the today’s websites which are getting lots of traffic.
  • Unlimited domains and pointers. If you have got 50 domains and want to keep them in one place, premiums hosting is ready to take on this challenge and give a shelter to all of them.
  • DirectAdmin control panel. The control panel is the special application which allows the management of all the premium hosting feature management in a web browser.
  • WebSite builder. The special application for simple website creation without any HTML knowledge. The WebsiteBuilder allows easily setting a simple website without designer studio expenses.
  • 24/7 support. One of the main feature of premium web hosting is the customer support which is ready to help customers with all their hosting issues via email, live chat, toll free number for US and UK customers, knowledge base and even forum. The support is provided in English, Russian, Lithuanian.
  • 90 days money back guarantee. If Premium service does not satisfy customer’s needs during first 3 month of usage, customer can apply for a money return.
  • 99.9% uptime. Premium hosting has got 99.9% uptime guarantee. That means that servers are never down or under maintenance.

Premium vs. Free Hosting

What are the main advantages of Premium and free hosting? What are the differences and maybe disadvantages?

In the first place you should understand that free hosting is not so powerful to maintain the small and medium business needs. Free hosting is good for small, low traffic, personal websites. There is no way you can set a social network using the free hosting, because it is designed for other needs.

The main difference between Premium web hosting and free hosting is the disk size. The Premium hosting Maxi plan has got unlimited disk space while free hosting at Host1Free is just 2000MB. The average mailbox of small business inbox is 5 GB in size. However there is a possibility to set a mailbox using free hosting. The main rule is download all the email messages to your computer and do not leave copies on server. This way you will save the space used for email. The space also limits the usage of applications. Those applications which involves lots of data may net be used because the bandwidth may be exceeded.

Another big difference is the bandwidth. Maxi plan of Premium hosting has unlimited bandwidth while Free hosting has 100 GB per month. That means that all the visitors can request information which is less than 100 GB per month. If you have a personal website with some big pictures, this bandwidth can be exceeded in one week, therefore it is important to observe the server size and place only web optimized photos in order to save the bandwidth.

The third main difference is the support of databases. 1 database = 1 website. Free webhosting have only two databases, therefore you can host only two online projects. Premium hosting Maxi plan has unlimited amount of databases. That means you can host any amount of websites as well as domains and subdomains. Are 2 databases enough for small business? Yes, two is enough if you are going to host the website and corporate blog as 5 subdomains are allowed.

Host1Free and Premium web hosting services are also similar. They both use commercial server control panel DirectAdmin. The main advantage of free hosting is that users do not need to pay for it while fee for it is already included to Premium hosting price. Direct admin allow easy server management and easy installation of turnkey applications – content management systems, blogs, e-commerce solutions, forums etc.

Get Started with Premium Web Hosting

What do you need to do is you have decided to benefit from Premium web hosting? Just follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1. Choose you plan. Premium web hosting has got 3 different plans. We recommend choosing the Maxi plan which has lots of unlimited features – unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited amount of domains and IPs. That’s the perfect plan for small and medium business as well as personal usage.
  • Step 2. Make payment. You can pay using main online payment options – PayPal, Credit card (via PayPal), Moneybookers, AliPay, WebMoney, AlertPay, CashU. The payment page has a special field with the promo code.

Once you complete all these steps, you will need to finalize the procedures by validating your personal details. Once they will be validated, you will be able to login to the Premium web hosting user account which looks exactly like your free hosting account. We use DirectAdmin control panel in order to make the management comfortable for all our customers.

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