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The web hosting industry has changed the way we learn, communicate, work, are entertained, even commit crimes. The web hosting is a pure product of universities – the place where internet was born.
In early sixties, the government started the program called DARPA, which had one goal – prepare the way of transmission of orders if enemy bombs few communication nodes in the network.

This invention has opened the way to the development of internet – the network of connected commuters which allow sharing some files among main universities of USA.
The data has been stored in huge computer disks, which are the grand-grand-grand-fathers of modern servers. However, the principles of web hosting remained the same for more than 40 years.
There is one server with lots of folders where all the information lays. The users across the world request the access of the data in these folders and data is sent to their personal computers.
Web hosting works in very similar way. For this reason, the server with all of your information is safe and well protected.

Free web hosting has some limited features, but in general it looks the same as Premium web hosting.

Advantages of Free Hosting

Firstly, is that this type of web hosting is completely FREE. This is not a trial version.
This is not temporary promotion with special bonus codes which allow using free for the first year or something. HOST1FREE hosting is absolutely free!

Secondly, HOST1FREE has ads-free policy which means that users will never see any ads attached to their websites.

Thirdly, easy as it can get, management system. In HOST1FREE we use DirectAdmin control panel that is also used in our Premium Hosting, so if you run out of space, switching to paid hosting won’t cause any distress.

The special application Softaculous is another huge advantage of our free hosting. It is also used in Premium hosting plans for the easy installation of particular applications.
Softaculous can easily set up more than 100 different type web applications, also known as turnkey applications – blogs, forums, e-commerce solutions, CRM, project management applications, galleries, video sites and long list of other content management systems (CMS).
Some of those applications are used for big projects management, therefore free hosting is a perfect place test them out before moving to Premium hosting.
All the service is managed using web browser interface. No black screens and command lines. Free web hosting at Host1Free is a great option to learn managing web hosting with small website first. It is like training ground for the huge market.

Advantages of Premium Hosting

The Premium web hosting is called Premium because of some additional features and possibilities than free web hosting.

What are the main advantages of Premium web hosting?

The main advantage is the server capabilities.
If free hosting provides only 2 GB of space, Premium hosting minimum plan is 25GB or even more – the unlimited disk space in Maxi plan. The advantage is obvious.
Other important features such and bandwidth, number of databases and domains, IP addresses are also unlimited.

The price for all those unlimited benefits of web hosting is just from $2.95 per month. Quite easy to decide – a big sandwich or Premium web hosting with unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domain names.

Another main advantage of Premium web hosting is the professional support service which works 24/7.

The live support is provided via email, live chat, forum and even toll-free phone numbers for US and UK customers.

The support is provided in English, German, Russian and Lithuanian.

99.9% uptime guarantee is another important Premium hosting feature which means, that your websites will be working whatever happens unless there are some programming issues or hosting plan overuse (if limited plan is chosen).
Host1Plus technicians are working hard to make everything working fluently without any disruptions.

90 days money back guarantee may be considered as advantage (used extremely rarely, because our customers are happy with our service) as well. This service means that after 3 month of usage, customer can change the services and request the money back.

Premium web hosting plans start from $2.95 per month at Host1Plus.

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